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Keeping tortoises as pets
keeping tortoises as pets at home, breeding tortoises
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Keeping a pet at home, can be a good recreational activity, especially as the number of single people living alone increases. However for most pets are high maintenance and require some time daily. For example someone has to take the dog for a walk daily. In contrast tortoise as pets are relatively low maintenance and can survive without any additional care at all, only providing some food. Compared to other animals, they live for a long time, sometimes more than a hundred years, unlike cats and dogs which rarely live for more than 10 to 15 years, so fewer vet visits will be required.

Though indian star tortoises are the most common variety of indian tortoises keeping them at home at present appears to be banned. However a few decades ago, there were no restrictions and people would keep a tortoise at home without any problem at all as a pet. In large cities like Mumbai, tortoises can be obtained from animal markets like crawford market for prices ranging from Rs 300 to Rs 3000. However in small towns like Panaji, it is relatively difficult to find suppliers of tortoises.

Shanti aquarium, pets and plants supplies a wide variety of plants, seeds, fertilizers, fish, and other pet related supplies. However they indicated that they do not have any tortoise in stock on February 12, 2016, they are like to stock a singapore tortoise for Rs 300 and malaysian tortoise for Rs 500. Another pet shop in Margao also indicated some time ago, that they had tortoises in stock, the price quoted was higher. However travelling to Margao to purchase the tortoise was time consuming and was postponed. Most of the pet shops will advertise in the classifieds only occasionally.

Looking for a supplier of tortoises, preferably giving delivery of the tortoise in panaji, along with tortoise care product. Other pet supply shops do not have tortoises, plants for aquariums, they mostly stock pet food, and other supplies. The migratory olive ridley turtles visit Morjim beach in north goa, however these turtles flourish in the sea, unlike tortoises which do not require much water for survival.

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