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Shanti aquarium, pets and plants supplies a wide variety of plants, seeds, fertilizers, fish, and other pet related supplies. However they indicated that they do not have any tortoise in stock on February 12, 2016, they are likely to stock a singapore tortoise for Rs 300 and malaysian tortoise for Rs 500. Another pet shop in Margao also indicated some time ago, that they had tortoises in stock, the price quoted was higher. However travelling to Margao to purchase the tortoise was time consuming and was postponed. Most of the pet shops will advertise in the classifieds only occasionally.

In India Tamedpets in Chennai sells a wide variety of exotic pets including pet birds, turtles, tortoises and other reptiles. They are also purchasing the pets from the pet owners.

In USA, tortoises are a popular pet. Tortoisetown is one of the biggest suppliers of pet tortoises, selling a wide variety of tortoises. They are breeding the tortoises and selling them.

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