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the prices of the tortoise will usually vary depending on the age, size and availability of the tortoise. Usually the smaller tortoises and turtles are cheapest in size, and as they grow older, the price will also increase. Some types of tortoises are easily available, so these tortoises are cheaper. The prices also vary depending on the country

In India, most pet shops are keeping the red eared slider turtle and the price is usually Rs 300 for a small turtle. The domain investor has visited a large number of pet shops in Panaji and Mumbai to do research on the red eared slider, and found that the prices varied by +/-Rs 100. This makes it a far cheaper pet compared to birds which are usually costing Rs 500 for a pair, and also die quickly.

In USA, after doing some online research, the domain investor found that the baby tortoise prices are at least two hundred dollars for a small baby tortoise. Larger tortoises will cost far more, some more than $1500

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